Body sensor issue in MIUI 7 Marshallow Mi4/Mi3

Hi All,

Yup, we are in Android Marshallow era for those who are using Mi4/Mi3.
This post will help you to resolved the above issue/bug.

Do follow steps by steps to make sure things working and you don't have to repeat it again.

Step 1: Download the file below.

Link-  save and unzip in your phone. 

2: Uninstall Google apps below one by:  setting > install apps > download tap 

  • Google Account Manager
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Services Framework

3. Once you complete, next thing is to navigate to your file already downloaded and install one by one. Click done after install and do not open the apps.

Once completed, reboot your phone. You will need to re-input your google account and update the service framework. 

You also need to enable all access for google service framework but no body sensor request will appear.


How to Revert Back from 7.1 to your old version!!!

Hi!! Yup, lots of noise over the internet on the bugs and things that are missing from the new version of 7.1.. no worries.. This simple steps should be able bring you back to track.. 

Steps 1:  Just make sure your battery is above 80% .. just make sure it have enough juice to do following steps. 

Step 2:  Go to updater  > click the - - - (3 dot button) and choose > Reboot to recovery mode

Steps 3: Wait to system reboot to recovery >  choose language. 

Steps 4:  Choose Reboot 

Steps 5:  Choose system "without" - I repeat - "without" the word "latest" then select it.. 

Picture source:

Hope this post will bring back joy to all.. 

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 / 1s Review..

Hi, today I am going to share with you  my new miband 1s and do a simple comparison.

Why ? As of today Miband offer you monitor your sleep pattern and your fitness level.

So.. What is next, of course monitor your hear beat. Why this is important to monitor your heart beat during workout..  In overall people like to call it "traning zone" there are many type for me the best is to know your self first..

How this is done?  Fisrt the calculation is  220 - Age = BPM (beats per minute)

e.g. 220-31 = 189

Then, from the chart below you can categorize yourself of what exercise you want to do.

Sample of myself, I am going to do a fat burning.. So "bpm" should maintain at 114.  Simple right..

Next is set your Mi Fit route tracker at 114 to alert you if you go beyond this point.. 

There you go.. Lets start exercise!!

Sharing my collection of Miband and picture comparison.. 

How to get 1 TB of free Drive storage from Google?

How to get 1 TB of free Drive storage from Google?

Its easy, what you need to do is be a  Google Maps reviewers. 
What you need to do is regularly leave reviews, upload photos, or add information for restaurants, tourist spots, and other locations with increased Google Drive storage and early access to new products.

While Google does not provide concrete details about the event yet but stay tune as you could save a price of  worth $9.99 a month.

3 Perkara Penting Sebelum and mula "Vaping"

3 Perkara Penting sebelum anda mula "Vaping"

Seperti yang kita tahu banyak debat tentang masalah vape ini sehingga Malaysia telah menyiarkan debat secara  langsung di TV1 (RTM) diantara wakil Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), wakil Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) VS wakil Vapers iaitu Malaysian Organization of Vape Entity (MOVE).

Banyak yang dibicarakan dan banyak pengguna vape seperti saya setuju akan statement oleh Move dan besar hati mengatakan debat itu kelebihan jatuh pada pengguna Vape. Yeay.

So pada penghisap rokok seperti saya yang ingin mengurangkan @ berhenti hisap rokok (4000 chemical) .

untuk post nih belum lagi nak tulis kelebihan dier.. Tapi banyak testimoni yang macam nih boleh kita jumpa

"Smell better, taste better, no morning cough, can run further for longer etc etc etc. People... The Tabacco industry is losing Billions a year due to this revolution... don't be fooled by the studies they pay to discredit e cigs."

So, ini adalah 3 perkara penting sebelum anda start Vaping… (pendapat saya sendiri)

1. Ada motif, maksud saya anda cuba tetapkan berapa banyak rokok yang akan dikurangkan. Seperti saya peruntukan 4 batang sehari, pagi, tgh hari, petang, malam.. (tahan sket lah).

Yang selebihnya saya vape sahaja.. So rokok selalunya saya beli seminggu 1 kali sahaja.

2. Tahu apa yang anda kena beli: so apa yang saya listkan kat bawah nih adalah stater pack, tak perlu beli memahal untuk starting.. Terus terang saya pakai tak pernah tukar2.. Tapi kalau ada duit apasalahnya kan..

  • Tank dan Mod

  • E-Juice 

So yang nih boleh saya katakan agak susah banyak sgt flavor kat malaysia scene nih.. Boleh pening woo..
Tapi untuk menyenangkan anda saya flavor nih terdiri dari 2 sahaja VG dan PG . Untuk tahu lebih lanjut click sini

Apa yang top, refer list bawah nih  (pada pendapat saya yaa..) dan untuk lebih mudah… tgk kengkawan yg dah vape.. Cuba mintak rasa …

  • Equal blue
  • Paso Fino
  • AJ Vape

  • Alatan

Okay, memang bila mula mula susah.. Nak tukar kapas pun malas.. So berbalik pada point no 1.. AZAM mesti ada so kenalah belajar sket2.. Dari cuci tank dan terus ke coil sendiri..

3. Kenali kedai2 vape yang berdekatan, so ini akan memudahkan anda untuk membeli e-juice atau maintain tank dan mod.

Untuk list2 kedai nanti saya akan share.. 

My Top 3 MIUI 7 Themes and Icon (Support global and most Icon)

In the latest event of MIUI 7, Xiaomi also highlight depa punya them have reach a miles stone of total 3.7 Billion donwloads.. Damn.. Banyak tuh..

They also highlighted all 3720 registered designers can use a new platform called USE which provides a visual interface that allows you to create Themes easily without knowing complex coding.

As of reported, Xiaomi have 3720 designers and 15,790 themes in their collection.

Today I am going to share my personal favorite mostly focus on icon. Why, I have tried most theme paid/unpaid and when there is changes in the system/animation or adding customization lags happen everywhere…

So, I decided to only change my icons.. And the mission is to find the best icons apps which cover most "Global" application such as whatsapp, chrome, google play icon and all apps which ban in China..

I do understand which most designer from China did not extend since most paid theme only available in China Rom.
Others rom will only received free themes in their theme store..

Below are my top 3 themes (which icon build is awesome!)

1. my(something in chinese word) - 6 MiCredits

This theme will give your phone more colours and give full range of icon. 

2. Flatro (Free)

Retro style is main thing in this theme.. 

3. Attitude Pro (free)

Currently using this theme.. Marvellous!!! Awesome!! cover all my icon with HD icons.. 

MIUI 7 Global Developer ROM Rolling Out Today!!

Hi All,

To all MIUI 7 lovers and looking out for the roll out.. its today!!  Yeay!!..

So press the update button 100x and maybe you can skip others.. hehehehe